The Bloody Good Biltong Co. was established in York, WA in 2020. It all started from a backyard passion for making handmade and air-dried beef biltong for family and friends. This pastime and love of beef comes from our family backgrounds in agriculture and livestock production, where beef was central to life in more ways than one. 

Then on our annual family road trip to the beautiful north coast of WA, a conversation whilst sharing some biltong in the car as a family became a business idea. To share our biltong, which many friends had labelled as "bloody good" with others and so taking our friends review of our biltong, we established "The Bloody Good Biltong Co."

Our ethos is on producing a high quality, rustic and all natural beef biltong from WA's best beef cuts, using locally sourced ingredients. It's best enjoyed with friends and family over a beer, whilst road tripping around our amazing state or anytime that a quick & morrish snack is needed.